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Our Difference


Our team is diverse. The R'N’R Canna team starts in the farm. All of these people have assisted in the process of developing out our procedures, policies, and standards for growth. We approached this situation like a research lab, instead of just a farm. We maintain the highest level of standards that we possibly can, so we’re able to create the most repeatable program. Maintaining the best genetics, consistency, and eventually the best products from the start. It all starts with the farm. Every step after that just nudges the products closer to completion. From packaging, to labeling. From labeling, to marketing. From marketing, to your home. The point of fact is; the R'N’R Canna team is every single one of us, working together, and we are all just as important as the next. This couldn’t have happened without all of us being dedicated to create the best cannabinoid products that we could. 


When we first got into growing cannabinoids, marijuana, and CBD, our team had come from growing a lot of different types of plants involved in other industries. We thought our systems were effective. However, everyone else told us they weren’t at the level they could or should be for the cannabis industry. After about five years of trial and error, we finally realized that everyone else telling us our procedures were insufficient, had absolutely no clue what they were talking about. Everyone was speaking from personal opinion, not from facts, and certainly not from science. Science is about being able to create a system that in which is able to be replicated. A system where you are able to achieve the exact same results, every time. That’s science. Everything else is conjecture. And that's what most people live upon is their theories, their conjecture, and their opinions. Opinions are not science. We build something that we could replicate in the same environment, with the highest efficacy, over and over, day in and day out, creating the best possible product for our consumers. 


We own our genetics. We use a 100% pure strain of Cannabis Sativa L. A pure strain is a strain of cannabis that has NEVER been genetically modified in any way. We maintain our strains purity by taking clones of our plants before the plants transition into their flower cycle. This is like cutting a persons’ finger off, planting it in a grow medium, such as grow cubes, which is what we use, feeding it with pure trace mineral nutrients, and growing an identical twin from only a finger! Each clone contains identical compounds as the strain in which it was cut from. This cloning process ensures that any and all future plants contain the same compounds, same hormones, and same overall genetics as their priors for the remainder of their lives. 

Cultivation, Extraction and Processing 

Our cultivation process is a lot different than the industry standard. Most companies take the entire plant, from flower to root, and masticate the plants, creating what is known as biomass. We refuse to use the entire plant because we only want the most medicinal components of the plant. We want the parts of the plants that product the most amount of hormones, which are known as trichomes. Trichomes are found on the plant closest to the tips of the branches. These tips contain sugar leaves and flowers. When we harvest the sugar leaves and flowers, the next step is to go into a system that is similar to a giant washing machine tumbler. During the tumbling, we chill the flowers and sugar leaves down to about -151 degrees Fahrenheit, using only dry ice. We use dry ice because it freezes, fractures, and micro-fragments the trichomes, causing them to fall off of the flowers and leaves. This is how we collect keif, which is pure gold medicine, also known as hash. The next step is how we transform our hash into live resin. We take the hash, compact it into micron filter bags. Those bags then get squished and pressed with 20,000 PSI of graduated pressure and warmed with anywhere between 180-185 degrees Fahrenheit. What oozes out is raw, pure, cannabis oil that is full of live cannabinoids. That cannabinoid rich oil is what's going to give us the best products. This process takes much longer than other extraction techniques, but our process is 100% chemical free. It is a natural way to obtain all of the bioactive compounds that are found in the plants. We do not yield as much volume as the other systems, but our product is pure, consistent, chemical free and effective every time. 


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