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Michael Macri Joins Now With Jen

An army veteran, local entrepreneur, and founder of R N' R Canna, Michael Macri joins Now with Jen this week to talk about his newest venture.

 Sleep is a tricky thing. We all have different sleep patterns. Every individual takes a specific amount of time for each person to get to REM sleep. When we do activities such as look at our phones or tablets, watch TV, and have background noise before bed, all of those things are creating distractions that trick our brain into staying awake and not shutting down. Cannabis allows that part of our brain that controls Delta waves, to relax and get to a point where we can jump past non-REM and get to deeper REM sleep state, faster. 

Cannabis can be a double-edged sword when dealing with anxiety. Many different types of cannabinoids can actually cause more anxiety and make people even more anxious. Specific terpene profiles combined with certain cannabinoids has been used to ease the nerves and promote a better sense of calm. These combinations allow us to relax the Alpha pattern in our brains just enough to the point where we are not over analyzing every single thing that's going on around us. It's not that we're not aware. It's just that we're not as affected by everything that's moving. Cannabis slows things down to a point where we are able to be calm and more accepting of the environment around us. 

A common myth is that you're going to go crazy and see pink elephants dancing in the room. Everyone has a different psychoactive experience with cannabis. Your experience depends on your own emotional context and your perception of the environment. If you have a glass of champagne and you get up on the table and dance around, then you're also probably going to be a little bit wilder if you have cannabis too, this just means you're less inhibited as a person. If you're more inhibited, you're probably just going to sit down and be extremely objective and pay attention to everything that's going on around you. It's a personal experience so there is no definitive answer to that question. Not only that, with strains, there are things that are being developed out to help one way or hurt another way and you just have to be informed and be able to understand your own body and how it reacts to certain situations. 

Cannabis and caffeine are not even in the same arena. They do two totally different things for your brain and body. Cannabis slows down your brains ability to process Delta and Alpha waves. Whereas caffeine speeds up your brain and body’s metabolism. Caffeine and cannabis however have 1 similarity; sativa strains and coffee can help you be productive through the day, but it is always better to use one or the other, and not both. 

The argument of cannabis VS. alcohol has been a really controversial topic nationally and globally for the past 30 years. All substances can be abused. One of the biggest problems with cannabis right now is we have an entire generation of people that are being told that they can self diagnose, self treat, and self medicate. When in reality they have no clue what they're doing. The argument that cannabis won't be abused and alcohol is always abused is mute. It's incomplete. Quite simply, it's a personal choice. Everyone needs to take the edge off once in a while. Both of these substances are now legal, so it's completely up to the individual. 

Cannabis has been used by a lot of groups outside The United States of America, to treat for opioid addiction, and they have documented tremendous success. The simple fact is that we do not know enough yet to sway one way or the other. But if we’re able to get people through opioid addiction and off of the pills using cannabis, I personally would think that’s a huge milestone for the medicinal marijuana industry. 


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